Disc Duplication
Ideal for production runs less than 500 discs. This is a process where recordable media is used to duplicate the discs master provided. Our company uses only high quality recordable media that is compatible with all modern play back drives.

Disc Replication
We offer replication services for production runs of 500 discs or more. This is a manufacturing process where melted polycarbonate resin is injected into a mould cavity of a replication machine, to produce identical copies of the CD or DVD.

Disc screen printing
We print high quality images and text onto the non-playing side of the disc by a screen printing process. This process offers a superb quality of print, whether doing a single spot colour (PMS) or picture quality CMYK process.

We procure and monitor the inventories of various kinds of packaging materials from approved vendors. Automatic packaging equipment is used for standard production runs and trained process operators are used for non-standard packaging requirements.

Delivery of finished products with correct paper documentation to your warehouse, freight company or as required.